2012, Ascension, the Sacred Mayan Calendar, Crop Circles, ET’s and Other Cosmic Dances

I was listening to a nice man on YouTube today who calls himself Free Spirit. Today he was passing on an urgent message I have heard a lot in the last several years. The message is: the planet is facing critical and extreme woes in the 3rd dimension. That includes accidents such as the Deepwater Horizon spill, Fukishima nuclear accident, as well as pollution of air, water, food, economic meltdown, political and financial foul-play, and increasing solar, earthquake, and volcanic activity.

Free Spirit, along with many famous as well as ordinary people, believe our planet Earth is getting ready to ascend to a higher dimension, most likely in 2012. If all this is true, then we, as inhabitants on this planet are faced with choices, whether we are aware of them or not. We can be overtaken by death of our three dimensional bodies. Or we can decide to align with the ascension of our planet.

I have been watching increasing problems with interest.  Human beings seem to ignore complications until extreme problems are about to happen. We are not to blame. Our human brains are wired to take action if a “bear is at the cave door” (fight or flight) but longer-lasting, complex worries are tough to get our heads around. Not to mention any disinformation or outright lies perpetrated by media and political sources, for money-and-power advantages.


I’m not blaming anyone about anything, not even the so-called Elite. Being on this planet is a tough job, overwhelming, painful, fear-based and confusing. Those Elite, with perhaps aggressive or addictive tendencies, tend to get caught up in the game of gain. The rest of us who are simply muddling along do just that …. muddle, working hard to keep our family and ourselves above water. Then there are millions or billions of humans who are either barely surviving on a $1 a day or not surviving at all.

But you know all that. I’m not telling you anything new and different.

In my intense research on all these subjects, I have come to one easy conclusion.

There’s nothing to worry about.

I have several reasons why I came to my conclusion.


The first happened Christmas night 2010. I’m not a Christian (just highly spiritual) so Christmas is not an especially important day on my calendar. However, for other people it is important, so I send presents and greeting cards and pay attention. That night in 2010 I was watching a movie, then went into the bathroom for a moment. While there I had an experience that changed my life, again. (I’ve had a few of them.) I felt as though a giant hand reached into my heart and removed all the fear that was there.


As background – I had become a political activist in 2002, in the lead-up to the Iraqi occupation. I began to quickly and extensively learn about many unpleasant and devious events and decisions seemingly orchestrated by what I called the “money and power people.” I became quite fearful, angry and depressed about what I learned. And helpless. What could I do as one person? In 2004 when I read about peak oil and impending economic crises, I told Paul, my partner, we needed to buy a survival farm for ourselves and our family. I was “informed” by my Council of Elders we had a six-month window to sell our 3 tiny rentals in California and find a farm. We ended up on lush acreage on Whidbey Island, Washington, just as the six-month window closed. Then suddenly prices in California plummeted and prices on Whidbey skyrocketed. We were just in time!


Farming was incredibly hard, as we started our permaculture, organic farm from scratch – it had been pastureland for 25 years. Paul is elderly and I’m sickly, so it wasn’t the smartest decision I’ve made. But I felt we had no choice. Over the 8 years we were there, each of our family members announced they would not move to our farm, not even in an emergency. Okay. So what we doing this for? I continued to be upset with the state of the world and stored food and other items for the coming catastrophe. Maybe they would change their minds.


I wrote articles for Michael Ruppert’s website Collapsenet.com (based on his movie and book of the same title) on farming tips, and how/what to store. When members on his website started talking about buying guns and ammunition, my soul went on “pause.” I wouldn’t hurt or kill anyone who wanted food or shelter, so that was out of the question. I decided that whoever might show up in an emergency could share whatever we had. I would show them how to grow food – or they could kill us. I made my peace with any possible scenario. Then someone asked what I would do if hundreds or thousands of people showed up at our farm after an economic meltdown. What then? I realized that our little 2 ½ acre farm was not the solution I had been looking for.

Then the “removing fear from my heart” episode occurred a few months later and I became quite peaceful.


I didn’t worry about any planetary, economic, or environmental crisis any more. That’s when my researching mentality went into overdrive about higher solutions. I read a book a day, to see what other people were doing and saying. I worked with the Oneness Blessing for awhile. I had a few episodes of awakening into higher consciousness on a level I had never experienced before. Awakening was like living in a heavenly existence. Although I knew dreadful things were taking place on earth, my fear was gone. But what about our farm?


One day the Oneness Blessing group had an internet hour, which I listened to at a friend’s house. The primary gift I got was learning about Carl Johan Calleman and his fascinating book THE MAYAN CALENDAR AND THE TRANSFORMATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. He had researched the Mayans for decades as well as had traveled to Mayan territory, learning directly from the Mayan Elders. The book was intensely detailed and it took me twice reading through to comprehend it. Once I did, I was elated.

This was NOT the Mayan calendar of doomsday-fame. Calleman describes their calendar, not of time, but delineating the evolution of consciousness. The Mayans’ calendar described 9 creation cycles, each subsequent cycle 20 times shorter than the one before. The first creation cycle started with the big bang; a 15—16 billion year cycle which created multi-celled organisms. The next 850 million year cycle created the first animals, and so on. The last cycle, starting Feb. 11 (or March 9), 2011, a cycle of 260 days, fashioned co-creation of consciousness.

All 9 creation cycles culminated on Oct. 28, 2011. At that point, the evolution that was planned for earth had come to fruition.

“The highest level of consciousness, the Universal, will be attained …. in the year 2011 and will result in a timeless cosmic consciousness, and a citizenship in the universe on the part of humanity.” —Calleman.com

According to the Mayan calendar as I understand it, no fear is required. We humans are on the exact right path we have always been destined for and designed to travel, from the first moment of the big bang until now. And furthermore, the universe must be sending us the energies and understanding that are needed for this time.


Suddenly, without warning, the Council sent me an urgent message: “Sell the farm. Now!”

I went on the internet, sent about 50 messages that we were selling our farm, with a full description. I also immediately wrote a “God Letter.” For those of you who haven’t read my Blog entitled “How to easily get what you want,” you can learn how to do one, too.

The next day a couple showed up and offered us full purchase price for our farm. They had been looking for a farm for 5 years. (When my email got to a friend, the friend emailed the couple.) Done! End of story. Escrow passed easily. We bought a small house in Port Townsend and settled down. We have a small yard that barely needs tending, a relief after our farm.


Okay. What’s the point, you may ask, of this long story. It’s because I want you to know how the universe works and how it informs us what we need to do at every step on our path through life. We only need to listen (read my Blog entitled Psychic / Spiritual Discernment). Also I want to help you understand how I got to this fearless place I now inhabit.

I began researching again, reading a book a day. I worked with Divine Openings for awhile. (read my Blog entitled  “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Enlightenment.) I received more insight and more awakenings. Yet something quite unusual was happening to/with me. I began to emotionally and sometimes physically detach from friends, family, life, my body, my home, everything. Also during this time my past displayed itself to me as I forgave, loved, and was grateful to all participants in my life. I told Paul “I feel like I’m dying. Isn’t this what people do when they’re getting ready to die?”

Whenever I read news items, I periodically asked the Council, “Should I store food or do anything to prepare for disaster?”

“No,” They replied. “You’re fine.”

Then the main spokesperson in my Council of Elders changed. Babaji, who had worked with me for over 40 years, took a backseat while Metatron took over. I like Metatron a lot, because he’s quite chatty! And explains an amazing amount of information to me. He thanked me for my work on this planet. Wow! No being (especially on that level) had ever thanked me before.


I purchased a new laptop and went on the internet. (I hadn’t had internet during the 8 years of farming, because we were out in the country, and couldn’t get service except via satellite, which was very expensive.)

Suddenly my brain exploded with new information. Crop circles, I learned, were ever-expanding in exquisite detail, communicating to us on elevated levels.

ET’s of the Galactic Federation of Light were communing with humans, to let us know they were going to help us through our trials and tribulations. I learned that Light Energy was coming to us from the Galactic Center, the Photon belt, and from the Virgo constellation, which was changing our DNA, helping our consciousness ascend, and lightening our bodies.


The Elders are right. We are fine. There is nothing we need to do.

I listened to Drunvalo Melchizedek on YouTube last week and he concluded the same thing. According to him, we have three options:

— The planet continues on as usual. We live and we die and return to the spirit realm, as we always do after physical death.

— The physical Earth goes bye-bye and ascends into another dimension. Consequently, our bodies die and we return to the spirit realm.

— We surrender to Source and ascend into the next dimension along with our planet.


Regardless of our choice or how events progress, we win. No problem. We’re fine.

I’m ready to dance and celebrate. Are you?

Blessings always,

Lauren O. Thyme   April 25, 2012    see me at Facebook

Carl Calleman   Sacred Mayan Calendar

Oneness University (Oneness Blessing)


Drunvalo Melchizedek


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