Prior to pursuing her path in publishing, Phyllis Galde, founder and president of Galde Press, was a schoolteacher. As an educator, Ms. Galde knew the importance of good books, and witnessed the influence and enjoyment that reading provided to growing children. When Phyllis left her teaching post to accept the Senior Editor position at Llewellyn Publications, and eventually became Editor-In-Chief of FATE magazine, she began to recognize an under-addressed market for positive, helpful, informative, and entertaining books.

Thus, in 1991, Phyllis founded Galde Press and published its first title, Humor Travels Well, by Pete Docherty. Since then, she has written two books of her own, which went on to sell over 100,000 copies, as well as having published over 100 quality books written by some of the finest authors from the state of Minnesota and beyond.

Twenty years after its conception, Galde Press continues to evolve, while still maintaining its focus and commitment to providing quality books that make a difference.