Are You in Transition?

by Patricia Ariadne Ph.D.

Tools for Transition



Slow down. Cut back on activities. Turn off TV, limit time on the phone or computer. Walk, take a yoga class. Breathe deeply. Contemplate or meditate. Visualize a place of peace and beauty. Garden. Make soup.

Face the problem.

Avoid trying to escape your difficulty through the use  of recreational or prescription drugs, with compulsive eating, drinking, exercising, or sex or by increased social or work activity. It’s important to ask, “What is this situation trying to teach me?”

Mourn the Loss.

Change involves loss. Honor the past, remembering the things that were meaningful or significant. Create a ritual (write a letter, make a blessing) to say goodbye to certain aspects of the past that you now need to leave behind. Allow yourself a certain time to mourn,knowing that this will later give you the freedom to move on.

Conceptualize the Future.

Decide how you want your life to be different. Break these goals down into manageable steps. Think “from the end”–Imagine how your life looks and feels with these goals already accomplished. Strive to achieve your goals, but leave the final outcome to Spirit.

Remember Past Transitions.

Did you find a way through past changes? Was it as “awful” as you thought it might be? And if it was, did you find the support you needed to move ahead? What stages did you experience before you were able to adapt? Remember that you will survive. And chances are you will accommodate this change in a comparable or even improved way.

Talk to Someone.

Talking about your problem helps to make it more manageable. Find a cleric, psychotherapist, or other advisor you trust. It is important that you do not feel alone, and that what you are facing, though unique to you, is part of common human experience.

Find a Spiritual Perspective.

Life throws us curve balls so that we will take the time to remember our Source. Change helps us to re-evaluate and re-prioritize to affirm what is truly important in life. Without spiritual underpinnings, we are blown about by every wind of change that comes our way. Know what you can depend on when all else fails.

We cannot control life. We can only face our problems and decide that we will learn what we can from them. But we do not have to face them alone. We can find support and engage an ally to help us examine our difficulties for the life lessons and spiritual maturity they offer us. Please contact me if I can help you bridge a transition.

What Gifts Do Transitions Bring?

You will learn more about yourself: your strengths, your defenses, your ability to endure adversity and to act under pressure.

You will also discover the qualities, such as compassion or generosity, that you need to better develop as well as the traits, such as envy or anger, that you need to better manage.

You have the opportunity to reconnect to your spiritual center. When we can no longer count on the things we thought would always be there for us, we begin looking for what we can truly rely on.

We ask the important questions that begin a serious spiritual search: “Why is this happening to me?” “Does life have meaning?” “Do I have a purpose?”

You realize that you want to give back to life in some way. When you have crossed to the other side of a transition period, you may feel a renewed sense of freedom and gratitude. This is when people decide that service to others–in big ways or small–is what makes life worthwhile.


Patricia Ariadne, Ph.D. 


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