Birth 2012 and Beyond


Forget the ending of the Mayan Calendar. The rest of it has been found anyway. The real truth at hand is that of birth, the birthing we are all undergoing into a new world of both exciting opportunity and scary challenge. With that in mind I want to introduce you to Birth 2012 and Beyond by Barbara Marx Hubbard. To quote Hubbard: “We’re living through a time now of conscious choice to connect and to converge the good that is happening all around us. I believe a deeper pattern of nature is leading to this convergence. It is natural and vital, as is biological birth.” She speaks of a tipping point we have reached – of breakdown or breakthrough.

I find her words especially mindful, and here’s why. In the science of fluid dynamics we learn that it only takes 4 to 5 % of any group, condition, or situation to change. . . then the whole unit changes. . . naturally. This finding helps us to understand how birds, traffic, people, even animals on the run shift into a wave pattern – a natural rhythm of movement that results when a “group” functions as if one mind. Right now, today, the conservative estimate globally for people in the general population having had a near-death experience is. . . 4 to 5 %.The science of fluid dynamics also says that when this tipping point is exceeded, energy excites creating superfluidity and – superfluidity cannot be contained! Numbers worldwide are mushrooming of people who have had spiritual breakthroughs, mystical encounters, vision quests, transformations of consciousness no matter how. . . with the cry, the demand from each being the same: freedom, unity, the inherent goodness and sacred rights of all people. No different in their cry from near-death experiencers.

Certainly Facebook and the instantaneous communication now possible in our Digital Age are drastically changing our world – first to an Arab Spring, then to an Arab Winter. Flash mobs regularly turn shopping centers into concert halls, while other flash mobs clean out a store with unbridled thief. Internet offerings make it possible for new businesses to present an idea and be entirely funded by caregivers who donate dollars instead of banks, while the ease and convenience of breaking someone’s heart or assassinating a reputation is carried out with narry a thought of regret or concern.

As we move further into this new life awaiting us, pain will mix with joy. Superstorms have already become the “norm.” The years of 2013 through 2015 most assuredly will usher in radical, revolutionary change that will trigger energies on the order of critical mass. There is not a leader alive who is prepared for what lies ahead – in terms of jumps in scientific and medical discoveries that are beyond imagining, or the political upheavals that will defy belief. We the people, the masses of us, are not prepared either. Now more than ever before we must become both a practical visionary and a spiritual warrior, practicing clear-headedness as we use truth as our sword and discipline as our ally. The Mayan Calendar never warned us of the “butting heads” of major cycles happening simultaneously. Today, time is no longer our buffer: kindness is


Dr. P. M. H. Atwater is one of the original researchers in the field of near-death studies, having begun her work in 1978. She is the author of numerous books on both NDEs and other subjects, including Coming Back to Life, Beyond the Light, Children of the New Millennium, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Near-Death Experiences, We Live Forever: The Real Truth About Death, Beyond the Indigo Children and others. Runes of the Goddess is her first Galde Press title. Similar to the legends of Odin in which he discovered runes after a near-death experience, Atwater was introduced to the power of runes after her own near-death experiences.

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