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Buckland Romani Tarot Deck

Buckland Romani Tarot Deck




Price: $19.95

Capturing the strength, passion, beauty, and magic of the Romani/Gypsy culture, the Buckland Romani Tarot takes your psychic power to new heights through mystical symbolism and authentic gypsy imagery.

The deck was created by legendary occult expert and author Ray Buckland, grandson of a real gypsy king, and illustrated with the rich artistry of the talented Lissanne Lake.

The original deck has become a rare and highly prized collectible since its first printing, with prices on the independent market averaging several hundred dollars. Right now, in a quality reproduction that preserves every bit of the Buckland Romani Tarot’s original splendor, a limited quantity of this treasured deck is available from Galde Press.

About the Author 

Ray Buckland moved to the United States from his native England in 1962. He has been actively involved in the study of the occult for over 40 years. His books are numerous, including the classic Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft, Doors to Other Worlds, Amazing Secrets of the Psychic World, and Gypsy Witchcraft and Magic. Buckland has toured nearly every square inch of the U.S., lecturing, teaching, and often appearing on local and national television and radio.