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Conversations With Jim

Conversations With Jim



ISBN: 978-1-931942-78-2

Dimensions: 6 x 9 - illus. - 222 pgs.

Price: $14.95

Despite having just lost his battle with cancer, Jim’s sense of humor remains intact. His goofy after-death communications (ADCs) have his widow Mary laughing through her tears within minutes of his passing. But his messages begin even before Jim crosses over, and the heavenly visions and experiences he shares with her from his deathbed are priceless treasures.

Jim’s spirit has a lot to say about life and death, through both ADCs and mediums. And he has a lot to do, including his own spiritual work, helping others on both sides of the veil, and protecting Mary from her occasionally incautious explorations as a “parapsychologist wannabe.”

Mary, who is blessed with intuitive gifts, has been fascinated by the unseen world all her life. And Jim’s messages from beyond increase her understanding of the underlying nature of reality and encourage her to share what she learns.

At first, Jim’s spirit occasionally overreaches in his efforts to assist with Mary’s daily life. But after ensuring her safety and comfort and completing his own transition, he begins providing more spiritual guidance than practical help.

The phenomena produced by his communications range from astounding to hilarious, but they are merely side effects of Jim’s expressions of undying love for Mary and their family.