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Leadership A Team Sport

Leadership A Team Sport



ISBN: 978-1931942720

Dimensions: 6 x 9 - ilus. - 348 pgs.

Price: $24.95

Leadership and  management are linked. Managers deal with all that is known, fixed, and  predictable. Leaders deal with all that is fluid, most unknowns, the  future, and potential chaos. This is about the power of one ordinary  individual who–when allied with a team–in different cities and  countries on different issues and projects, produced remarkable results.

Testimonials to Bob MacGregor:
“I congratulate Bob MacGregor for the work he is doing. Bob has been active for many years in dealing with business persons internationally…trying to move toward an acceptable behavior, civic responsibility…I really applaud Bob for his efforts.”—Walter Mondale, former U.S. Vice President and U.S. Ambassador to Japan

“I was delighted to hear from you…I am happy to say that for the first time in the United Nations there will be an agenda item entitled, ‘Business Development.’ We will certainly consider bringing the Caux Round Table Principles for Business to the attention of our delegation. I appreciate very much your comments.”—Madeleine K. Albright, former Representative of the U.S. to the United Nations

“I want you to know how grateful I am for all that you have done for The University of St. Thomas. You truly are a remarkable and dedicated man.”—The late Msgr. Terrance Murphy, Chancellor, University of St. Thomas

Letter to Minnesota Goveror Arne Carlson: “Robert MacGregor spoke on The Minnesota Principles at the Caux Round Table in Tokyo with Mr. Chuck Denny to an audience of 1,000, including four Ambassadors and Diplomatic Corps from ten countries, It was broadcast throughout Asia. Both gave lasting impressions…They introduced the Principles at The Guangdong Economic Seminar, sponsored by the Governor Zhu Shinlin…Business Ethics are most needed in China. Contributions to the communities by members of M.C.C.R. are exemplary models for businessmen of the world.”—The late Ryuzaburo Kaku, Chairman, Canon Inc.

“New Planning Chief Praised” as Robert MacGregor will soon take over the City’s Commission of Planning—Headline, Chicago Tribune Editorial
“Hail MacGregor as Worthy Pick for City Planner with universal enthusiasm by local education and community leaders.”—Headline, Southtown Economist News

“Congratulations—Please accept this notification of your selection as one of the six finalists for the 1994 Frank Pace Award (for your work integrating South Africa’s Economy with NAFCOC). This is a very significant recognition when you consider some 1,266 technical and managerial assistance projects were started last year.”—Hobart Gardner, President and CEO, International Executive Service Corps

“Building This State’s reputation…For two decades, Minnesota business leaders have led the world in promoting corporate responsibility. The Minnesota Center for Corporate Responsibility has recovered nicely, thanks to aggressive leadership by Bob MacGregor and people like James Renier, Honeywell CEO. The announced plans to several hundred business leaders…are good news for Minnesota.”—Lead Editorial, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Bob, as a Goodwill Ambassador, you make significant contributions in the massive effort toward Black Economic Development, as well as in your work to promote ethics in business principles.”—The late Paul Wellstone, U.S. Senator

“We think it is fitting to recognize the significance…turning point in city government MacGregor played in bringing it about, and the contributions that have come…the contributions of the ‘initiator’ are impressive indeed…MacGregor had much to do with this shift in direction.”—Editorial, Minneapolis Star, when MacGregor left the City Council

“Bob, you are a wonderful person and have done a hell of a lot for the Kansas City Community.”—former Senator Thomas Eagleton
“Bob, thank you for a decade of outstanding leadership at the Chamber. I know of no one who does not admire you for your accomplishments.”—Rich Davis, M.D., former President and Founder, K.C. Masterpiece, Inc.

“Bob, a delight to have lunch with you. You truly have had a remarkable career, and I’m fascinated by the work you are now doing. I hope we can meet regularly.”—A. M. (Sandy) Keith, Former Chief Justice, The Supreme Court of Minnesota

“Robert, profound admiration for your splendid commitment to all society, and the great work of the Caux Round Table.”—Stephan Covey, distinguished author of best selling book, Habits of Highly Effective People

“I am proud of your continuing actitities. There is nothing more important than busiess ethics.”—Chuck Battey, former president, U.S. Sprint

“I appreciate Bob’s unique experience in all matters pertaining to community initiations, both public and private sectors. Bob knows what the issues are and he knows how to get the job done. Bob is a man of unique talents and ability.”—Jack W. Steadman.former chairman Kansas City Chiefs and Greater Kansas City Chamber

“Bob is a hard-working and dedicated person and is extremely astute in the political process. Bob’s greatest strength is his determination to accomplish his goals. he played a key role in our success in Kansas City.”—Larry J.Cain, former President Hillwood Development Corp., The Ross Perot Group

“It is with sincere pleasure I accept your gracious offer to serve…the Minnesota Center for Corporate Responsibility. I have much enjoyed my relationship with MCCR.”—Hazel R. O’Leary, former U.S. Secretary of Energy
“Bob MacGregor is a friend of mine…he has a wealth of experience. He’s a leader and a first-class person.”—B. K. MacLaury, former President, The Brooking Institution

“Bob was consistent in his support and creative thinking for the Metropolitan Entrepreneurs’ council. Bob worked behind the scenes creatively developing synergies within our community that paid big dividends… Fortune magazine recognized (on its cover) Kansas City as the third best U.S. city for business. This would not have been achieved without Bob’s substantial leadership abilities.”—Michael Rainen, former Chairman, Metropolitan Entrepeneur’s Council and President Rainen Business Interiors

“Bob served on the Kellogg Graduate School of Management Advisory Council and frequently lectured in our classes. He knows academia about as well as any business person that I have met. He gets high marks for his efforts to engage academics into the city’s problem-solving. His strength lies as a broker and facilitator.”—Donald Haider, Senior Professor of Management, Kellogg Graduate School

“MacGregor is to be lauded for providing seven years of distinguished service to MCCR and for his outstanding leadership in corporate responsibility and business ethics. He restored the center, establishing a vital new direction. He’s a sought-after speaker in corporate responsibility and business ethics.”—James J. Renier, Ph.D., former Chairman Honeywell and the Minnesota Center for Corporate Responsibility