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Leading With Your Values

Leading With Your Values

Author: ,


ISBN: 978-1931942423

Dimensions: 6 x 9 • 102 pgs.

Price: $12.95

There is a leader in all of us. As these inspirational, real-life, real-time stories and practical advice show, whether you are a CEO, a managing director, a minister, a mother or father, a first-born child, an influential coworker, a helpful neighbor, or the friend that everyone turns to for support in difficult times, we all have the enormous ability to make a positive difference—if we just have the courage to lead.

Readers will discover leaders during their defining moments  and watch as they pursue their core values with unwavering  determination, handle challenges with grace, and support colleagues in  difficult times when it might have been easier to abandon them.

Dr. Paul King and Suzanne Murray want you to enjoy these  powerful stories that will inspire you to follow your inner good sense  and values and strengthen your business, your community, and your  family.