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Paranormal Mysteries of Eurasia

Paranormal Mysteries of Eurasia



ISBN: 987-1931942850

Dimensions: 6 x 9 - illus. - 222 pgs.

Price: $14.95

From the lost treasures of past empires to the underground labyrinths of the Nazis, from natural phenomena such as ginseng and gastropods to the secrets of Soviet space flight, veteran expert Paul Stonehill explores the paranormal mysteries of his Motherland. As a Soviet teenager, Paul, like many of his peers, was interested in zagadki istorii, or the enigmas of history. Paranormal Mysteries of Eurasia sets forth the results of many of his investigations, not only into history and legend, both ancient and modern, but into other strange lore such as vampires, ball lightning, mind control, and genetic engineering. Join him on his mind-boggling tour of the land of the czars, emperors, Soviets…and things unknown.