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Penny's Tale

Penny’s Tale



ISBN: 978-1931942843

Dimensions: 6 x 9 - 276 pgs.

Price: $16.95

Penny’s Tale is a story about a child s psychological suffering at the  hands of negligent  adults, her subsequent adoption at age ten, her  ongoing search for her  birth parents, and her tenacious push for  release of her birth records. The story  is told from Penny’s point of  view.  The fortunate children born of dysfunctional relationships are  given up as babies  and placed in loving, secure homes. The unfortunate  children are the older ones who  end up in orphanages or foster homes  and never experience permanency in their lives.  Some become  delinquents; others become psychologically damaged and can’t function   well in society. Adoptive homes are scarce for the older child.  When a  child enters the adoption courts, a new birth certificate is issued that  states  the child was born to the adoptive parents. The child’s  original birth certificate is placed  in an agency file never to see  daylight again, and the birth family ceases to exist.  Thus, through a  lie, the child’s past is laid to rest: the birth mother secure in  thinking  the child she gave up will never return to haunt her, the  adoptive parents secure in  ownership of the child. Some children are  never told about the adoption but stumble  upon the truth later in life.  The result is devastation and upheaval in the family. Others  know from  the start that they were adopted and are content with leaving the past  alone.  Adoption is a timely subject, especially in states where many  adopted persons are  pushing legislators to change the laws regarding  access to adoption records. This book  is based on a true story and  deals with this issue as well as other aspects of adoption.