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Pony Wisdom

Pony Wisdom



ISBN: 978-1931942638

Dimensions: 7.9 x 5.2 x 0.3 inches • 136 pgs.

Price: $12.95

Several years ago C. Norm Shealy had the great fortune of being introduced to a remarkable woman, who had quietly chosen to be a mentor to many, with far less public acknowledgment than the average grade-school teacher. She provided him with more answers to important existential questions than any of the world-renowned philosophers.

She asked to remain anonymous. Indeed, Dr. Shealy only received permission to write her story when he suggested that all royalties would go to her favorite charity, Personal Ponies, Ltd. In order to discuss her philosophy, she has been called Dolly and the symbol of a pony, Muffy, is the teacher. This is an allegory in the time-honored sense. Out of the mouths of the innocent shall come the truth.

Horses have long been the archetype of freedom, symbols of consciousness and all of nature. The pony as the innocent child represents essential wisdom.

The essence of her knowledge has been suggested in Buddhism and Hinduism, elaborately expounded in A Course In Miracles and in longer books attempting to summarize that work. Muffy’s message cuts to the truth in a few words. Dr. Shealy has been the scribe, summarizing her message, culled from well over a thousand pages of correspondence. The answer to all questions was consistently simple and to the point: “This is a dream. There is no time. Forgive all. Love. Awaken to the reality of Heaven.”

Dr. Norm Shealy had somethings to do with this book being in print. That’s all you need to know to put this book on your to-do list.

As for the reason why. I am a serious student of ‘A Course in Miracles’. Have been for 15-20 years among other teachings. The Course was gifted to us by a pair of intellectuals who desperately wanted a way out of their very frustrating lives. Source delivered. If you have picked up ‘A Course in Miracles’ and have been daunted by its size(over 1300 pages depending on what version), know that this is what it takes to get through to most intellectuals. And that’s after having the humility to ask for help. I do not consider myself much of an intellectual type so ‘The Course’ has been tough sledding but l do it because I ‘get’ the message and it works. The beauty of ‘Pony Wisdom’ is that it delivers the same message in a much more accessible package. I am recommending this book to everyone who has turned away at the sheer scale of ‘A Course in Miracles’. Of course I am recommending it to anyone else who has an interest in “real life” as well. Here is a sentence from ‘Pony Wisdom’.
“We are choosing dreaming so let’s dream with some measure of panache and dignity and a standard of behavior befitting a human who takes responsibility for one’s own dream”.
Do you recognize the ‘golden rule’ in that? You will find that nicely fleshed out in ‘Pony Wisdom for the Soul’.
This book works on several levels.