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The Resurrection Murders

The Resurrection Murders



ISBN: 978-1931942669

Dimensions: 6 x 9 • 374 pgs.

Price: $24.95

Set against a background of modern Hollywood, with everything from underground rave parties, crazies, and massive earthquakes, The Resurrection Murders presents a terrifying story of serial murders and of real magic as practiced by hundreds of thousands of people around the world today. Real magic can used to help or to harm…but for what goals?

The Resurrection Murders follows occultist Simon Raven who leads an occult group of people known as the “Warriors of the Light.” Most of the Warriors are beginners, but now they are thrust into using magical powers they are just developing to stop the killings before anyone else is harmed. Breathtaking magical battles take place on the ground and in the “astral plane” as they confront a powerful, unknown enemy. The police investigate but are helpless in the face of bad clues, wacky occultists, frenzied fundamentalists, and simple politics.

The story, by world-famous author, occultist, and magician Donald Michael Kraig, leads inexorably to a terrifying climax with earthquakes, and killer smog as mere signs of an invasion by a horrifying, indestructible, 10,000-year-old demon. Will Simon and the Warriors succeed against the unstoppable, or will they be destroyed, leaving the world to suffer as slaves of the demon?

The amazing conclusion will both satisfy and leave you wondering, “What lies beyond our thin veil of skepticism?” The Resurrection Murders is a story you will not forget.