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The Scourge of Atlantis

The Scourge of Atlantis



ISBN: 978-1931942478

Dimensions: 5 1/4 x 8 • 280 pgs.

Price: $19.95

It is a Golden Era in Atlantis, but startling events of great proportions lay ominously ahead. Decades after the brutal Trojan War, the decaying Hellenic state proposes a union with the powerful and vast empire. Cithaeron of Tartessos is nominated to become Hellas’ next ruler. A gallant prince of remarkable insight and resolution, he is unpopular in the Atlantean court due to his brilliant yet revolutionary ideals. Anxious to send the young man to a distant part of the realm,High King Sideon of Atlantis selects him to become the first Hellenic monarch under Atlantean sovereignty.

Political intrigue and corruption exists even in the mightiest of empires, and before Cithaeron assumes leadership of his new kingdom, he embarks on a mission to locate a race of mysterious people long thought to be wiped out. The task is deemed perilous, but he is undaunted and accepts the dangers. Assisted by a dazzling array of bold titans that includes the noble and courageous Odin, the prince energetically plunges into the heart of Asia where he finds not only the remote people, but a beautiful princess who rules them. The confrontation is not peaceful and his team is harshly imprisoned.

More ancient and shrouded wonders, long forgotten, emerge, and Cithaeron is eventually pitted into a herculean struggle to save himself, his titans, and a ruined nation on the verge of dissolution. Further, he uncovers the astonishing secret of an old and submerged megalithic observatory in the Irish Sea, a truth that will ultimately doom Atlantis forever, and scar the rest of civilization for generations to come.