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You Can Only Go As Far As You Push

You Can Only Go As Far As You Push



ISBN: 978-1-931942-94-2

Dimensions: 6 x 9 138 pgs

Price: $14.95


Find out what the government has been hiding.

Here is the true story of the search for the origins of the artifact recovered by Bob White from a UFO encounter in 1985–the Rosetta Stone of UFO research.

Scientists have stated on record that the object recovered buy Mr. White matches nothing known or produced on this planet now or in 1985 when it was recovered. This is the story of the struggle for answers about this extraterrestrial object.

This isn’t the smoking gun…this is the bullet from the gun!

Larry Cekander was Bob White’s partner in the Museum of the Unexplained. He has over seventeen years experience in UFO and paranormal research.