Atlantis in Wisconsin by Frank Joseph

Atlantis Rising
by Brad Steiger

ISBN: 1-931942-32-3
Size: 6 x 9 • 193 pgs.
Price: $14.95

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Startling similarities in technology and culture among peoples who never could have seen each other. Universal myths of a great flood. Superhighways in countries that had not yet invented the wheel. Unifying all these and other mysterious facts is the legend of Atlantis, an all-power civilization which existed before the rise of man.

“One of the first books I ever read was Atlantis Rising. It filled me with a sense of wonder and a love of mysteries.”

—Robert E. Bartholomew, author of Hoaxes, Myths, and Manias

“First published in 1973, Atlantis Rising re-ignited public interest in a virtually moribund subject [and] perpetuated popular interest for the lost civilization that continues to expand on an international scale thirty-four years later…Atlantis Rising still holds up…because it is among the best written volumes in that vast library of Atlantology, with its estimated 2,500 books.”

—Frank Joseph, author of Atlantis in Wisconsin

“Atlantis Rising is a landmark book in the study of lost civilizations and alien contact. It was the very first work to suggest that ancient peoples were visited by extraterrestrial beings in spacecraft who helped shape an antediluvian global culture. The historical impact of Atlantis Rising has been grossly underrated, and all subsequent studies in this area like Chariots of the Gods?, When the Sky Fell and From Atlantis to the Sphinx are merely ‘Johnny come Latelies’ compared to Brad Steiger’s pioneering and seminal book.”

—William H. Kennedy, author of The Da Vinci Code Cabal

Brad Steiger is a prolific and well-respected author, having written and contributed to more than 100 books, including Awful Thing in the Attic, Alien Rapture, and Monsters Among Us. Over the course of his career, Steiger has covered a variety of subject matter ranging from biographies, to UFOs, to crime and just about everything in between. Besides his extensive list of books, Steiger is a frequent radio guest on shows like The Jeff Rense Program and Coast to Coast AM, and he is also a regular contributor to the respected paranormal magazine FATE.