Frozen Trail to Merica: Walking to Merica by Myron Paine

Frozen Trail to Merica: Walking to Merica
by Myron Paine, Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-1-931942-46-1
Size: 6 x 9 • 272 pgs.
Price: $29.95

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This book solves not only the mysterious disappearance of Norse from the Western Settlement of Greenland in the 1300s, but also deciphers Delaware (Lenape) Indian history found to have been written in Old Norse. The fictional plot is based on the Walam Olum, a Native American manuscript consisting of engravings on bark. Walking to Merica continues the saga begun in Paine’s Talerman.

"I…had always felt the Walam Olum to be a true, historical document and your story erases all my doubts."

—Hal Sherman artist, adopted Shawnee, Ohio

"In a bold tour de force of historical fiction, author Myron Paine leads the reader into the neglected area of early Nordic influence on people and places in Northeast America. Working on the premise that fourteenth-century problems of climate (global cooling) and political and ideological pressure drove some populations of Greenland across frozen wasteland to points as far south as the Canadian and United States Midwest and down to the Atlantic coast, Paine, through the introduction of likely characters, ably demonstrates the trials and tribulations of the wanderers. The author fortifies his thesis with archaeological evidence and historical references. A good read."

—Jonathan Reynolds Cronin, author of Yazoo Mingo

Myron Paine grew up as a farm boy in South Dakota. He studied through three universities and earned a Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering. After teaching at the university level, he served as a state extension engineer and a regional extension engineer, covering ten Great Plains states. He wrote over fifty work-related papers and was nominated to Who’s Who in Engineering, 1977. After twenty-five years in his first profession, Paine then went on to work as an electrical engineer for several aviation companies.  He was a primary writer of test reports for the certification of the Cessna 208 aircraft, the Caravan. He has traveled extensively, visiting nearly 30 different countries and has worked in both the Middle East and Asia. Currently, Paine (now retired from engineering) is pursuing his other great love: books. His other Galde Press title is Frozen Trail to Merica: Talerman.