Nicaragua: Those Passed By by Vern Asleson

Nicaragua: Those Passed By
by Vern Asleson

ISBN: 1–931942-16-1
Size: 6 x 9 • 254 pgs.
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From 1979 through 1990, thousands of Nicaraguans were murdered, imprisoned, and tortured for their politics. Entire families were uprooted, losing all their possessions and driven to refugee camps in a nation not their own. Sixteen victims of the repressive Sandanistas speak out about being subjected to the whims of a brutal Communist regime.

Vern Asleson was born and immersed into a Norwegian-American culture. This included grade school and high school within a small rural Minnesota village named after his grandfather and the Lutheran college, seminary, and churches in which he served as pastor for a decade. Besides graduating from Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota, and Luther Theological Seminary, Saint Paul, Minnesota, he enrolled in courses at several universities in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, including the University of Minnesota, Mankato State University, and Saint Thomas University. Vern also attended the Hebrew University and Tour Guiding School along with various Hebrew language classes (Ulpanim) in Jerusalem and other locations within Israel. He held various teaching positions in public high schools in Minnesota, as well as the YMCA, and even a Christian school in West Jerusalem. Vern additionally spent five years as a tour guide of the Holy Land.