Pulling the Trigger by Larry C. Brubaker

Pulling the Trigger:
A 25-Year Study of Deadly Force
Encounters by Law Enforcement
by Larry C. Brubaker

ISBN: 978-1-931942-69-0
Size: 6 x 9 • 390 pgs.
Price: $29.95

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Pulling the trigger is something that no police officer wants to do, but an officer of the law is meant to serve and protect. He must defend himself or others from deadly assaults. Shootings do occur. When death results, emotions erupt from the public, the media, the decedent’s family, and the law enforcement community. Meanwhile, officers lose their lives as well in their attempts to enforce the law.

In Pulling the Trigger: A 25-Year Study of Deadly Force Encounters by Law Enforcement, Larry C. Brubaker takes a detailed look at what happens when a police officer is compelled to use deadly force and the effects that it has on all parties involved. Every discharge of a weapon in the line of duty in Minnesota is included, described, and documented for the years 1981 to 2005. Includes color photographs and index.

While employed by the FBI, Larry C. Brubaker was assigned to numerous assignments and projects. He served as a crisis negotiator, an area rep to the FBI’s National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, a charter member of the International Homicide Investigators Association, and as a member of the Investigators Association. Brubaker has taught various crime topic classes throughout the world and has been featured on National Public Radio, Primetime Live, 48 Hours, MSNBC News, Discovery Health Network, and Court TV. He currently has retired from the FBI and stays busy as a business owner and as an adjunct professor at three local universities. Visit his website at www.larrybrubaker.com