Animal Communication by Jacquelin Smith

Animal Communication
by Jacquelin Smith

ISBN: 1–931942-24-2
Size: 6 x 9 • 236 pgs.
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Learn to talk with animals. It’s easy! Receive animal thoughts in the form of mental images, feelings, and sometimes words. Connect with the personalities and spirits of animals — whether cats and dogs or wild animals. Here’s how you can actually talk to gorillas, zebras, lions, and snakes. Our animal friends are clever and complex beings capable of deep emotions. Proof that all life is connected.

Jacquelin Smith has experienced tremendous love and respect for all life forms since early childhood. Since 1972 she has been actively involved in studying animal life and behavior. She is a leader in the field of telepathic communication with animals. After receiving a B.A., Jacquelin worked as a licensed animal technician and dog trainer, while studying psychology. She has communicated with animals in zoological parks as well as in the wild during her travels in Africa and South American. Since 1979, she has focused on the telepathic communication with both domestic and exotic animals. She combines holistic and traditional techniques to help solve various issues. Jacquelin lectures, teaches workshops and offers private consultations both nationally and internationally.

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