The Black Books of Elverum by Mary S. Rustad

The Black Books of Elverum
by Mary S. Rustad

ISBN: 1–880090–75–9
Size: 6 x 9 • 176 pgs.
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In a dusty attic in central Norway, Mary Rustad came upon two ancient handwritten books of magic used by the common people—practical handbooks for daily concerns like stopping a toothache, retrieving stolen goods, and protecting livestock. Contains reproductions of the original, Old Norwegian pages facing the English translation. Includes an account of a 17th-century Norwegian witch trial.

Mary S. Rustad was born in Minnesota of Norwegian heritage. She now lives in Norway, on the same farm where her great-grandfather once lived before immigrating to the United States. After living on the farm for more than two decades, she has become familiar with many of her ancestors, who often left letters and possessions behind in order to pass down their heritage to future generations. Some years ago, Rustad found the two Black Books hidden in the attic. Putting this book together has helped her understand what kind of spiritual beliefs her ancestors had in the eighteenth century.