An Irish Book of Shadows by Katharine Clark

An Irish Book of Shadows
by Katharine Clark

ISBN: 1–880090–99–6
Size: 6 x 9 • 280 pgs.
Price: $16.95

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As Wiccans and Pagans rediscover their Celtic heritage, there has been a great emergence of writings on the Irish Craft. Here are the rituals and Craft of the Tuatha De Danann Celtic Coven, the Children of Danu, and the varied aspects of the Celtic Way. Incorporates ancient myths and folklore. An Irish Book of Shadows is accessible to everyone—layperson, initiate, and elder alike.

Katharine is the author of An Irish Book of Shadows, co-author of Graven Images Oracle, and her work has also appeared in Dan and Pauline Campanelli’s Circles, Groves and Sanctuaries. A Tarot instructor and reader, Kat is an an award winning poet and a creative writing teacher. She has lectured at college, taught in high and middle schools, and led workshops for the National Endowment for the Arts. An Elder of the Tuatha De Dannan Wiccan tradition for over 30 years, she has appeared in various live and print media regarding the Craft and has served as an expert on the Occult for local police departments. She is past Wiccan instructor and Circle leader for Earth Spirit New Age Center, Red Bank, NJ. Kat is a member of the DAR, North Brunswick Historical Society and the Association of Gravestone Studies. She is currently seeking a publisher for her new book, Things Your Elders Never Told You.