Precipitated Spirit Paintings by Ron Nagy

Precipitated Spirit Paintings
by Ron Nagy

ISBN: 1–931942-27-7
Size: 6 x 9 • 84 pgs.
Price: $19.95

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Precipitated spirit paintings are works of art appearing on canvas without assistance from live human hands. Ron Nagy brings you some of the most fascinating works of spirit art, still like new even after 100 years, from the world-famous Lily Dale Spiritualist Community and elsewhere in this illustrated volume. What message did the spirits send us from the past to be finally discovered today?

Ron Nagy's keen interest in Spirit Art has gained him the honor of being considered the United States' leading authority in the field. Born in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, Ron later attended Western Kentucky University and went on to the Air Force. Recently, he has been a contributor to The National Spiritualist Summit and also serves as a walking tour guide for the Lily Dale Assembly, where many of the precipitated spirit paintings are located.