Heartwings Love Notes: Bring On the Clowns

Heartwings says, “When you welcome the unexpected you can more easily see what it brings.”

 My daughter and I were driving to an appointment in Boston and we were lost. As a result of following her G.P.S. we were also about to be late. It had been giving us wrong directions. Because we didn’t know the correct ones we had become more and more lost. It was very frustrating for us both, even more so for her because she was doing the driving.

 She stopped at a stoplight, planning to cross the street and continue in that direction with the hope of turning around. Immediately as the light changed two young men jumped in front of her car and began clowning around. “What’s going on!” she said, gesturing for them to move away. I frowned and made shooing motions. They jumped back, grinned at us and disappeared down the street.

 Just then the truck next to my daughter pulled a left into a street she hadn’t seen because it was blocking the way. That very street was exactly the one we needed to take us in the right direction. If the clowns hadn’t held us up we would have missed it. We both laughed and shook our heads. “I wish I could thank them,” I told her later. She nodded agreement. Thanks to the clowns we reached our appointment quite soon after that.

 The character of the clown is ancient and mystical. It goes far back into prehistory and is a familiar figure in the plays of ancient Greece. The clown persona includes the fool from medieval times, who often presented wisdom in jokes and tricks. Today we’re familiar with their painted faces and outlandish costumes from public and private events as well as the circus. However, they may also appear to us looking quite ordinary, and it is only after they have moved on that we know them to be wise fools with an important message.

 May you have foolish experiences that bring you wisdom.

 Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha Halpert

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