My Council of Elders perform Psychic Surgery on me, and Upgrade my RNA

A couple of days ago I woke up to find my Council of Elders performing PSYCHIC SURGERY on me, and then finished by “upgrading my RNA.”

(—- I wouldn’t mind if they performed LIPO-SUCTION  next! —–)

I’ve participated with Them on Psychic Surgery for a few clients but never on myself.  I hadn’t specifically asked for Them to do this, but I have been concerned about my health.  Here are 2 out of 10 of my Council of Elders (Babaji and Metatron).

First They sucked all the calcium deposits and fat out of my veins and arteries, and also my heart.  I could feel it and see it.  They sucked this stuff out through my hands and feet and tossed it into the light.  Next They took some kind of Light-Laser and widened /  opened up the arteries around my heart and put in something to hold the vessels open – like a stent cardiac doctors use.

Next They sucked out Epstein-Barr virus, of which I have about 8,000 – 10,000 units which is a HECK of a lot!  They sucked it out of my spine and head and out through the top of my head.  They did this 1,000 units at a time (I kept count) for 7,000 units.  I’d been told by my doctor that Epstein Barr loves living in the central nervous system.

Then They finished by “upgrading” my RNA, whatever that means.

The next day I researched RNA.  Apparently DNA is like blueprints and RNA is like the directions to utilize the blueprints.  RNA reads the DNA, then mixes up chemical cocktails and proteins and such.   Viruses are mostly made of RNA rather than DNA.  So it would make sense to upgrade my RNA to keep the Epstein Barr Virus from returning or gaining another foothold in my body.

My spine and chest area were sore for about 48 hours and I slept a lot.  Now I feel ok.  I think I can breathe easier and more deeply.  Otherwise I don’t know yet if I feel anything different.

Oh, yeah.  25 years ago the Elders told me They were upgrading my DNA – and They also told me they were doing it on a few of my clients as well.  I couldn’t tell any difference from that.  Except I recently submitted saliva to a lab to test my DNA and the first sample didn’t contain enough DNA for the Lab to test anything!  So I’ve submitted a second sample.  We’ll see if that works out – I should know in about 3 weeks.

Thanks to my brilliant Council!



Lauren O. Thyme    June 17, 2012


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