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ALONG THE NILE: True-Life Mystical Experiences in Egypt and Dendera

“Lauren Thyme is obviously a person who knows her ancient Egypt profoundly.  Her writing gives an almost hallucinatory impression of being there.  ALONG THE NILE is far and away the best novel about Ancient Egypt I have ever read.”  — Colin Wilson, world-famous author of THE OUTSIDER; FROM ATLANTIS TO THE SPHINX; THE OCCULT and […]

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A New Theory of Crop Circles

Last night I had an epiphany about a new theory on crop circles, one I haven’t yet heard about from anyone else. HERE’S MY NEW THEORY: Crop Circles are a conscious, well-thought-out-and-executed PLAN by Beings of Higher and Compassionate consciousness to help us “wake up.” Crop circles are a deliberate and purposeful way of pushing […]

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