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Miracles and my new Gold Life

I love to share my stories with you – to encourage you to be open to even greater miracles than you already have known, or, if you haven’t had any, to be willing to receive lots of miracles from the universe.  I also share my stories so you know that miracles can and do happen all the time.  I’m eager […]

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The Importance of Psychic / Spiritual Discernment

Lately I feel overwhelmed, as though our world has decided to become a genuine Tower of Babel. Not with a multitude of languages but an massive spewing of beliefs – with each person seeming to think that his or her belief is the only accurate one. And there is a battle of these beliefs. Encouraging […]

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Miraculous! What to do if a Police Officer Stops You

  I recently was pulled over by a policeman because I was inadvertantly speeding (36 in 20 mph). I was very happy that day and not paying attention to my driving through a school zone. In other words, I was driving through La-La Land instead of being grounded! I was shocked out of my reverie […]

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