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Although it’s a bit late, I am posting my April Astro Planner both the daily planner and the monthly overview. Sometimes it helps to look back and see what might have happened when you know the potential for that day. The Planner is intended to be a guide only. Warm Wishes, Tasha Halpert


Tasha’s Astro Planner for April 2012

Overview for April

 Astro events for this month are less frequent than in the past, however there are several important energy shifts represented by planetary shifts that may affect the energies around us. Like the currents of air that indicate certain kinds of weather, the movement of the planets indicates the psychological, emotional and spiritual “weather” of the energy the physical world lives within.

 Hold off buying that new Easter outfit until after 4/4. Mercury turns direct on 4/4; communications will improve incrementally as it speeds up and resumes its normal motion. Sun moves into Taurus 4/19; many will feel the urge to get out and garden, others to be creative with jewelry or music, and some inspired to shop. Mercury into Aries on 4/16 suggests new ideas and ways to communicate.

 Mars, planet of action and activity makes it station and turns direct on the 4/13. While events that day may have an impact, the forward movement of Mars will help further projects and events that have hung fire or been delayed since mid January when it began retrograde motion. Ideally, the past three months we rebuilt and restructured. Now we can go forward with unfinished projects.

 Pluto, planet of rebirth, regeneration and renewal makes its station and turns retrograde on the 4/10. The day itself could have some important impact, as that which is underneath often surfaces when Pluto, named for the lord of the underworld is involved. Beyond that, Pluto will be retrograde for some months, bringing it into contact with Uranus in June about which more at another time. For now, focus on potential for change and dig deeper to discover even greater or more important opportunities for change.

 The Full Moon in 4/6 in Libra inspires art, music and opportunities to either conclude or enhance relationships, depending on how they are going. The New Moon in Taurus on 4/21 suggests opportunities to spruce up and beautify the home, the wardrobe or both with new items that appeal to you. Significant days include 4/22 for amazing communications and ideas, 4/25 for possible oppositional communications, and 4/29 for excellent opportunities to renew.


Tasha’s Daily Astro Planner

 Using this you can discover the potential for each day’s activities and plan the best use of the energy.

 Sun. 4/1 Bright Leo says plan a day to play; enjoy time with lovers and/or children.

Mon. 4/2 Romance could be in the air, plan to be creative.

 Tue. 4/3 Venus into Gemini for a month brings out flirtatiousness; talk of love is in the air.

 Wed. 3/4 Moon in picky Virgo says plan to analyze and tidy up. Mercury turns direct, you can purchase with confidence.

 Thu. 3/5 Venus and Neptune in a stressful aspect says plan to look very carefully before making choices.

 Fri. 3/6 Full Moon in justice loving Libra says plan to address balance and restore it if necessary.

 Sat. 3/7 Venus in stressful aspect to Mars says put energy into cleaning up and clearing out while avoiding conflict.

 Sun. 4/8 Moon in Passionate says plan time with your lover or your cause.

 Mon. 4/9 Venus and Uranus combine, suggesting fun opportunities: shop or get out your paints.

 Tue. 4/10 Pluto makes its station indicating an impactful day in business or politics. Plan to address a long term issue needing change.

 Wed. 4/11 Moon in organized Capricorn says plan to get your work or your household or both in order.

 Thu. 4/12 Plan to put the Capricorn Moon energy to practical use.

 Fri. 4/13 Mars turns stationary direct; projects held up now go forward.

 Sat. 4/14 Moon in quirky Aquarius can inspire new ideas and opportunities to enhance lives.

 Sun. 4/15 Sun in a tug with Saturn says plan for more stability, however don’t get stuck.

 Mon. 4/16 Mercury into Aries brings freshness to the thinking. Plan new ways to communicate.

 Tue. 4/17 Moon in visionary Pisces says plan to expand your world view and bring forth new ways to be of help.

 Wed. 4/18 Moon in extraverted Aries says plan your social contacts and have fun.

 Thu. 4/19 Sun into steady Taurus says time to garden, plant the early peas—or the seeds of what you wish for in your life.

Fri. 4/20 The energy for a fresh start continues, enjoy the newness.

 Sat. 4/21 New Moon in Taurus brings renewed energy to gardens and gardeners, both actual and metaphorical.

 Sun. 4/22 Fresh ideas and ways of doing burst open, do be mindful of potential self deception early in the day.

 Mon. 4/23 Sun in friendly aspect to Mars brings “go power;” plan an energetic day.

Tue. 4/24 Mars energy continues. Moon in chatty Gemini says visit and communicate.

 Wed. 4/25 Stresful aspects between Mercury and Pluto say plan to dig out old problems and resolve them but avoid conflict.

 Thu. 4/26 Moon in Caring Cancer suggests plan to feed and nurture loved ones.

 Fri. 4/ 27 Hospitality is in the air; invite friends and family for a feast.

 Sat. 4/28 Energy is high today and tomorrow, have fun under the Leo Moon.

 Sun. 4/29 Moon in playful Leo enhances a friendly Sun Pluto aspect and romance is evident.

 Mon. 4/30 Moon in dedicated Virgo brings out the organizational impetus; plan to be efficient.

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