Tasha’s Astro Planner for July 2012

 General Overview: Mercury retrograde, which takes up more than the entire second half of the month, dominates this month of July. However, Mercury has begun to “slow down” as it were, during the first part, so this is an especially good time to go with the flow. Appointments may get changed or canceled, old friends may resurface and lost objects be returned. It is important to scan all contracts or documents carefully; mistakes can be made and easily overlooked. Unless you must, buy nothing new, especially machinery. However if you are replacing something you will do just fine. It’s all about the RE aspect of retrograde Mercury.

 The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 3rd brings the growth half of the Moon cycle to completion and begins the pruning half. From full to new Moon on the 19th focus on what needs to be eliminated for better accomplishment of goals. Mars’ entry into Libra indicates an active emphasis on the law, as well as marital issues. On the 4th, ideas abound and opportunities for unique or unusual communications are in the wind.

 There are no more important aspects until the 13th when Uranus makes its station and turns Retrograde. This would be a day when the unexpected might present unforeseen opportunities. Underline the 14th when Mercury turns retrograde and an expanded Jupiter could incline people to errors in estimation. Travel plans could get changed, any items purchased now may have to be returned, appointments may be postponed or rescheduled.

 The 16th, 17th and 18th present a mixed bag. An expanded Mars providing energy toward outreach is followed by a Pluto constraint that could lead to anger or violence resulting from too much too soon. Mind the flow of energy and try to moderate activity to suit it. The 18th brings confusion of direction. The 19th brings us to the New moon when a renewed start on unfinished business or projects may be made. Make New Moon wishes around creativity and romantic efforts.

 The 21st and 22nd bring opportunities for original thought and action, along with the entry of the Sun into Leo for the most expansive aspect of the summer season. The 24th and 25th would be fine days for travel especially for pleasure and discovery. A pleasant Sun/Mercury aspect on the 28th enhances communication and imagination, while the 30th and 31st provide unexpected blessings and an opportunity to make an important and beneficial choice.

Tasha’s Daily Astro Planner

 Sun. 7/1 A happy Moon in Sagittarius begins this month with cheerful energy.

 Mon. 7/2 Travel and/or exploration is featured. The evening becomes serious and focused, with Full Moon energy building.

 Tue. 7/3 Full Moon energy culminates and Mars moves into Libra, highlighting action on legal issues and partnerships.

 Wed. 7/4 Celebrations today have a potential to be both harmonious and unusual.

 Thu. 7/5 Moon is in quirky Aquarius and we march to our individual drummers. 

 Fri. 7/6 Seek the company of friends and work together for a good cause.

 Sat. 7/7 Sympathy and help for those limited or afflicted is featured today.

 Sun. 7/8 Mystical moments are possible with the Moon in mysterious Pisces.

 Mon. 7/9 Moon in initiating Aries suggests starting projects or scheduling their beginning.

 Tue. 7/10 Energy abounds for athletic activities or active physical efforts.


Wed. 7/11 Plan to be working on anything you can sharpen up, mentally or physically. 

 Thu. 7/12 Take care of anything that requires steady attention. Gardening is featured. Prepare for Mercury retrograde.

 Fri. 7/13 Uranus stations and turns retrograde today: Expect a return of the unexpected!

 Sat. 7/14 Mercury is stationary retrograde today. Restart stalled projects, reorganize and prune and eliminate.

 Sun. 7/15 Clarity can be helpful in choosing what to keep—be firm, yet kind.

 Mon. 7/16 Communication is featured today, check accuracy carefully. Expansion followed by retraction may confuse issues.

 Tue. 7/17 Walk carefully the thin line between excess and a feeling of deprivation or dismay leading to anger.

 Wed. 7/18 Sudden action can lead to unusual results. Be mindful; beware confusion.

 Thu. 7/19 New Moon in Cancer highlights the home and caring. Make New Moon wishes for whatever is needed there.

 Fri. 7/20 Moon in hearty Leo lures us all to play and have fun in the Sun.

 Sat. 7/21 Moon in organized Virgo suggests a day for tidying and clearing. Look to discover a unique gift.

 Sun. 7/22 Sun into Leo now asks us all to take it easy, spend time playing, and allow for romance to bloom. This day brings great creative energy.

 Mon. 7/23 Moon in poetic Libra urges us toward the appreciation of beauty and the opportunity to create art.

 Tue. 7/24 Great ideas abound, take the time to explore their feasibility.

 Wed. 7/25 Uranus singing to Mercury retrograde could bring new ways to communicate or a restructuring of written work.

 Thu. 7/26 Moon in sexy Scorpio increases passion of all sorts.

 Fri. 7/27 Dig into a mystery or get to the bottom of one.

 Sat. 7/28 Ideas abound; take notes. Enjoy great conversations, gatherings.

 Sun. 7/29 Moon in philosophical Sagittarius suggests interesting discussions.

 Mon. 7/30 Moon in ambitious Capricorn suggests climbing mountains. Unexpected gifts may come.

 Tue. 7/31 Expect the unexpected in the form of happy choices to be made.



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