Tasha’s Astro Planner For June 2012

This month is relatively quiet. Two dates stand out: the 10th/11th, when confusion and erratic energies may be blown out o proportion, and the 24th when the long anticipated square between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries sets itself up. As both planets symbolize change, it is wise to see what we can think of to change for ourselves ahead of time, making the best use of the prevailing winds, so to speak. The Lunar Eclipse is also a harbinger of change, though of a more cyclical sort, and could give some hints as to what might be coming for any given individual. For ideas, look to where in your chart these aspects occur.


The month begins with a kindly energy toward any creative projects or relationship fun you might plan. Moving up on the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 4th, it’s a busy day with aspects indicating it’s well to go slow and watch the road carefully, especially in the evening. A Lunar Eclipse indicates the potential for changes, especially in the areas of travel and education. The 5th smiles benignly on all, a lovely day for any choices or shopping expeditions. Be mindful late on the 7th, early on the 8th, when accidents can happen as a result of too much haste. Mercury moves into Cancer and our thoughts are on family matters.


The 8th brings opportunities to play or listen to music as well as for musicians to get together. On the 11th, Jupiter enters Gemini bringing good luck to all in that sign, however several other aspects for that day indicate frustration and glitches, so take it easy on yourself and go slow. The 12th and 13th have strong, effective work energy going for them. The rest of that week is relatively quiet and is a good time for accomplishing whatever needs doing.


On the 19th the New Moon in Gemini brings focus to communication. Is there anything you need to enhance or change in the way of how and with whom you communicate? Now is the time. The 20th brings some difficult decisions or new to be thought over. The Sun enters Cancer and the Summer officially begins, even though that’s the longest day of the year and the days will begin to shorten now. The 20th and 21st might be good days for travel or for arranging for travel.


The 23rd and 24th might be strenuous days, when care must be taken in all things, as the unexpected may manifest to change things in unanticipated ways. The 24th and 25th as well bring another odd conglomeration of energies which could have karmic implications. Some kind of change is likely, so it might be wise to see what needs changing ahead of time and make wise use of the energies. Thankfully, Venus turns direct on the 27th;we feel more confident and outer directed emotionally and can make good choices. On the 29th, expect the unexpected; changes that began earlier in the week may be enhanced, bring rewards, or continue.


Tasha’s Daily Planner for June


Fri. 6/1 The day has a gentleness to it, beauty is uppermost in our minds. Discussions are smooth and helpful.


Sat. 6/2 Moon in passionate Scorpio suggests putting your heart into what you wish for today.


Sun. 6/3 Saturn and Mercury combine to help clarify issues and help us speak responsibly.


Mon. 6/4 Full Moon in Sagittarius is eclipsed, heralding change in travel and education. Neptune signals a potential either both for confusion and spiritual understanding.


Tue. 6/5 Venus dances across the sun and we all feel especially good today.


Wed. 6/6 A practical day is in store. Earthy wisdom prevails.


Thu. 6/7 The oops factor is active, especially tonight. Mercury moves into Cancer enhancing communication around parenting, the home, and real estate.


Fri. 6/8 Fuzzy thinking is in the wind, feet firmly on the ground is best.


Sat. 6/9 Hearts may be open, however, we could also feel spaced out.


Sun. 6/10 Take time to enjoy something spiritual; a walk in nature might do. Energy is building toward a potential for major change.


Mon. 6/11 Jupiter moves into Gemini, benefiting that sign for its 12 month stay. This could be a harbinger of wind. In other ways, there is a lot of energy focused into communications and conversations today. Mind your tongue. Burn no bridges, even if tempted to do so.


Tue. 6/12 Moon sparkly Aries into sets the tone for beginnings of all sorts. Responsibilities are important.


Wed. 6/13 Living responsibly is highlighted. Take time to see what needs doing.


Thu. 6/14 Moon into steady Taurus around noon settles us into routine.


Fri. 6/15 Winding up anything begun earlier this week will be of benefit now.


Sat. 6/16 A great day to get the chores accomplished early, then enjoy your hammock and a doze in the shade.


Sun. 6/17 Moon into chatty Gemini brings a light touch to the day, and much conversation.


Mon. 6/18 Schedule errands and/or short trips now.


Tue. 6/19 New Moon in Gemini shines on the beginnings of connections, friendships, and opportunities for discussion.


Wed. 6/20 Sun into Cancer for the Equinox starts off the new season. This is the longest day, highlighted by a need to buckle down to tasks. Evening surprises.


Thu. 6/21 Moon in caring Cancer enhances our desire to help one another.


Fri. 6/22 Moon in romantic Leo sets the tone for a playful day.


Sat. 6/23 Today and tomorrow may signal the first in a series of breakthroughs or break ups, based on a conflict between two powerful currents of energy.


Sun. 6/24 The energy builds and then diminishes as it sets into motion whatever needs a push. There could be misunderstandings or unresolved issues to address.


Mon. 6/25 Another impactful day: Saturn turns direct. Delayed responsibilities descend. Mercury transisitions into Leo, enhancing romantic communication.


Tue. 6/26 Midday Moon into sweet Libra helps us all simmer down and relax.


Wed. 6/27 Venus turns direct, choices become more obvious and easier.


Thu. Moon in Scorpio intensifies energies and enhances passion.


Fri. Confusing energies indicate a need to go slowly and pay strict attention to all signs now. You can get a lot done if you focus your effort well.





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