Tasha’s Astro Planner for May 2012

Tasha’s Astro Planner for May

May is a Mercury focus month. The planet moves swiftly through three signs, beginning with Aries, including Taurus and finishing in Gemini. Communication is highlighted all month and will be of significant interest as new ideas flow and old ones get implemented. Mars is relatively quiet as it continues in Virgo, bringing extra energy to analysis, organizational skills, opportunities for service and Virgos in general.

As this month begins, energy is gathering toward the full Moon in Scorpio on the 5th. These early days are good ones to work toward a concrete goal that can be accomplished by or during the three days the Moon in Taurus is considered to be full. On the 3rd artists and writers get a boost from a friendly aspect between Mercury and Venus that carries over to the 4th.

On the 9th Mercury leaves innovative Aries enters grounded Taurus. It is easy to think practically and to communicate ideas that are of use and down to earth. On the 10th you can meditate as well as put spiritual ideas across with less effort. The 12th and 13th are expansive, feel good days as the Sun makes contact with Jupiter. Try not to overspend or overdo the goodies. There will be plenty of activity on these days and they are excellent ones for any gatherings.

May 14th begins a strong week with opportunities for in-depth communication. Venus turns retrograde on the 15th signifying a time to rethink choices or for the next few weeks do research before making a choice. The 15th and 16th are both strong days for accomplishment, organization and cleaning up. Use the last days of this week for finishing projects before the new Moon.

The Sun enters Gemini on the 20th while the Gemini new Moon on that day comes with an eclipse, intensifying the opportunity to make significant changes in communication, sibling relationships, and long range travel plans. The 21st and 22nd are good for practical travel and communication. On the 23rd be mindful of opportunities for self deception or trickery by others.  On the 24th Mercury will enter Gemini, bringing more energy for multiple communication, meetings and gossip. On the 25th, again be mindful of details and look sharp.

The 26th and 27th keeps us busy with more Mercury aspects, leading to a friendly aspect between the Sun and Uranus on the 28th. We finish this chatty month with a bit of potential stress on the 30th, when it is wise to put off confrontation and/or conflict that could escalate if not postponed.

Tue. 5/1 Moon in organized Virgo makes for a practical day, but  make a May basket for fun.

Wed. 5/2 Go through drawers and closets; get organized and recycle what is no longer needed.

Thu. 5/3 Moon in fair minded Libra suggests a balanced approach. Art or writing projects are featured.

Fri. 5/4 Visit a museum or attend to any legal business.

Sat. 5/5 Full Moon in passionate Scorpio suggests getting together with those you desire. A late night opportunity to attend to responsibilities proves helpful.

Sun. 5/6 Dig into a puzzle or resolve one. Get to the bottom of a mystery.

Mon. 5/7 Moon in optimistic Sagittarius suggests learning best ways to handle issues. Make travel plans.

Tue. 5/8 Explore new ways of thinking and behaving, learning as you go.

Wed. 5/9 Mercury moves into earthy Taurus: gardening, shopping, and money matters are uppermost on most minds.

Thu. 5/10 Moon in ambitious Capricorn suggests looking for mountains to climb. Evening Mercury aspects make for good meditating or fun at the movies.

Fri. 5/11 Moon in friendly Aquarius suggests getting together with like minded folk and seeing what fun can be had.

Sat. 5/12 Projects for the common good are featured. Enlist your friends.

Sun. 5/13 Today is real feel good day to be spent doing something you want to enjoy while accomplishing a goal. Change can be profitably discussed.

Mon. 5/14 Featured are thinking deep, conceiving change, and discussing rebirth and renewal.

Tue. 5/15 Venus turns retrograde today: time to review choices pro and con and pay attention to true desires.

Wed. 5/16 Apply yourself to any good changes to be made or take time to renew or refurbish what you cherish.

Thu. 5/17 Moon in energetic Aries suggests go for what you want to initiate.

Fri. 5/18 Moon in earthy Taurus helps with steady focus on what needs doing.

Sat. 5/19 Gardening, shopping, jewelry making, music—take your choice today.

Sun. 5/20 Sun into Gemini then New Moon in Gemini make this a great day for visiting, chatting, errands, and moving around. Choose your mental focus for the next two weeks and begin implementing it.

Mon. 5/21 Optimism and happy thoughts are in the air, discussions and group plans go well.

Tue. 5/22 Expand your intelligence by seeking out new ways to do and be.

Wed. 5/23 Be mindful of chicanery and don’t fall for scams. Moon in caring Cancer suggests calling or visiting parents or dear ones.

Thu. 5/24 Mercury races into Gemini, provoking discussion and gossip as well as quick thinking.

Fri. 5/25 Hospitable Cancer says invite friends over. Cooking or baking together makes for a fun evening. Tall tales may intrigue, however don’t get taken in.

Sat. 5/26 Quick communications make for clever solutions. Romantic Leo Moon says snuggle your sweetie.

Sun. 5/27 Innovative ideas help put you in a creative mood. Have fun!

Mon. 5/28 When you look for them, today holds a potential for unusual opportunities or solutions.

Tue. 5/29 Moon in orderly Virgo helps you eliminate what’s no longer useful.

Wed. 5/30 Stay clear of conflict and postpone any controversy until tomorrow.

Thu. 5/31 Moon in kindly Libra suggests taking someone you love out to eat.


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