What if there is No One to Blame for our Problems

I see a lot of problems here on our planet.  But there’s no one to blame for those problems.  Not you.  Not me.  Not the Illuminati or the Bankers or Politicians or some Other Religion or even god.


Everything is perfect, no matter what it looks like.  For the purpose of growth, learning and evolution,” say my Council of Elders.  It has been my mantra for almost twenty years now.


We are all here together in one big Group Consciousness.  We learn and grow together.


Blame is like a monster.

‎”He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.” — Friedrich Nietzsche


As time has gone by, we human beings learned.  We learned religion.  We learned building.  We learned growing food.  We learned technology.  Most of us believed that the planet belonged to us.  That we were the sovereign masters over all we saw.  We wanted to control nature and each other.  We wanted to invent things.  We wanted energy to further improve our lifestyles.  We wanted money to do things and buy things and see things.  All of us wanted more than we had, for ourselves, our family, or others.  There is no fault in any of those wants.  We were like eager children, ready to head over the horizon to the next frontier, the next tomorrow, often without realizing the costs.


Now we see that all our wanting and learning has brought us to where we are now.  Not all of it is bad.  We didn’t mean to hurt each other or the planet or animals or nature.  We got ahead of ourselves.  Our consciousness didn’t keep up with advanced technology, including weaponry.  But there’s no one to blame for it.

Many people are now awakening.  They look around and are aghast.  “It must have been someone OUT THERE who did this.”

We just weren’t paying attention.  But we are now.  Now we are learning and growing.   The very problems that upset us are the impetus to compel us to new learning.

I spend many nights lying in bed, practicing forgiveness, being grateful to everyone, especially those whom I might otherwise want to blame.   But blame doesn’t make me feel better.  And blame doesn’t solve the problems either.  Now we must learn cooperation.  The ten trillion cells in our body know how to cooperate and work together.  We can too.

I find that gratitude especially brings me to peace and happiness.  I’m not saying it’s easy.  I’m not even saying that I believed my own words when I first started saying them out loud.  But more and more, with repetition, the forgiveness, love and gratitude towards others is shifting my attitudes, my life, and even my physical body.

Perhaps this seems counter-intuitive to you.  All I know is when I remove blame and finger-pointing from the equation, the equation begins to shift.  Subtly at first, then stronger and stronger.

Blame is the old paradigm and it’s time for the New.


Lauren O. Thyme


Lauren O. Thyme  June 21, 2012  (see me on FACEBOOK)

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