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Mysteries of the Afterlife 

by Rosemary Ellen Guiley  

A compelling and dramatic presentation of the evidence for the afterlife, described by scientists who have done ground-breaking research; near-death experiencers who have traveled to the edge of the afterlife and returned; and other researchers and visionaries who have explored survival after death. The 29 articles, compiled from FATE magazine as well as outside sources, feature the findings of leaders in the afterlife research field such as Kenneth Ring, PMH Atwater, Raymond Moody, Michael Sabom, Bruce Greyson, Robert Davis, Barbara Rommer, and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, as well as visionaries such as Emmanuel Swednborg, and first-person NDE accounts. "I have waited a long time for a book such as Mysteries of the Afterlife. Rosemary Ellen Guiley has curated a new classic in afterlife anthologies. Readers are sure to be enthralled – perhaps even surprised – by unexpected glimpses into a wonderful greater reality.