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How to Use ESP:

ESP is inherent talent of every human mind, and Lauer offers the key to this amazing ability. Make mental telepathy work, master creative concentration, and destroy negative power. How to Use ESP is a gateway to a higher, more fulfilling life. Learn psychic self-defense, attain goals through visualization, discover the genie within you, master creative concentration, make ESP work for you. Rave Reviews for How to Use ESP Los Angeles Herald Examiner “The author, a noted psychic living in Southern California, shows us the way to more health and joy through the use of subconscious mental powers; i.e., ESP (extrasensory perception). The first 20 pages are about the amazing life and abilities of the author. The rest of the book shows how we may develop our own ESP toward positive goals.” The Milwaukee Sentinel “How to Use ESP is a turning point in the mood of books on ESP and parapsychology.” The Pentegram “How to Use ESP is one of the most valuable books for the beginner in psychic development that it has been the pleasure for your reviewer to discover! “Mrs. Lauer advocates and explains the psychic method of self-defense, the use of positive controlled visualization, and explores the possibility that illness, especially cancer, can be the product of subconscious feelings. “The overall value of the book cannot be denied. If you are just beginning to explore the power of your own mind, this is the book to read!”

How to Use ESP:

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