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Little People Ron Quinn

Washington abounds with stories of Bigfoot and Arizona has its Spanish ghosts. But New York has its tales of little ­people living among the rolling hills. These diminutive guys are frequently seen by accident in the deep forests. One party spotted two little men and a woman climbing a flower-covered hill. Some are seen darting from shadow to shadow on a moonlit night. After his own youthful encounter with a little man, Ron began investigating local sightings of this strange race. After an account of his experience appeared in a weekly paper in upstate New York, he received dozens of letters telling of personal encounters. The tantalizing and mysterious stories in this book were ­gathered from people living within the region of the Catskill Mountains. You will find these tales both enchanting and enjoyable. Are they all true? They were to those having this wonderful ­experience! If only one story is true, something quite odd is ­occurring in and around the haunting hills of the Catskills.

Little People Ron Quinn

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