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The World's Strangest True Stories:

The World's Strangest True Stories: FATE's Library of the Paranormal and the Unknown (The Best of FATE Magazine)



The individuals whose experiences you are about to read know that only too well, since nothing in their lives had prepared them for their encounters with things that are not supposed to happen — but did! Events like these remain hidden because those they happen to are afraid to speak out of a natural reluctance to have their sincerity or sanity questioned. Societies define their own realities and those who challenge them do so at their own peril. The moral seems to be that where these kinds of events are concerned, ignorance is the best policy.


Ignorance, of course, will not stop people from having strange, inexplicable experiences. Mysterious stuff will continue to fall out of the sky. People will continue to have bizarre UFO encounters. Little men, monsters, talking mongooses and invisible presences won't stop their determined trespassing into our reality.


While most of the world turns a deaf ear to these dimensions of experience, FATE has been listening. And a great number of people have shared their stories with FATE.

You are about to read the strangest of them, the reports that represent the greatest challenge to science, reason and understanding. What you will find here, in The World's Strangest True Stories, is nothing less than a full, unobstructed view of these other realities, tantalizing glimpses of things that don't belong here, of worlds not our own...

The World's Strangest True Stories:

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