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THE WORLD'S STRANGEST TRUE ENCOUNTERS: FATE's Library of the Paranormal and the Unknown (The Best of FATE Magazine)



This book contains 25 true reports of real-life encounters with the paranormal and the supernatural; accounts which are, indeed, stranger than fiction. Drawn from the files of FATE—the magazine Stephen King says gave him many of his “best ideas”, and the world’s leading publication of the strange and unknown—the testimonials in this series come from a wide variety of people, places and decades.


To read this book is to enter the world of ESP, prophetic dreams, magic, ghosts, poltergeists, miraculous healings, the occult, and the supernormal. You may begin reading this classic collection as a skeptic, but we are sure you will be more of a believer by the time you finish.


Here are just a few of the fascinating, thought-provoking reports and personal accounts you will find in this fantastic-but-true book, personally selected by the editors of FATE Magazine:


Eye-witness to a Miracle Healing


We Heard Voices from the Dead


The Exorcist Fought Five Demons for One Woman’s Soul


The Navy Blimp Returned to Earth—Minus its Crew


The Witches’ Salve


The Little Man Who Was Sometimes There


ESP Demonstrated in Cross-Country Test


Ghost Soldier in Their Attic


Two Watches Stopped at the Moment of Death


The Poltergeist That Could Write